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What is CBD Oil

Ayurveda and cannabis originated in India. Atharva Veda cites cannabis as one of the 5 most essential plants in the world and has more than 200 cannabis formulations. The additional herbs in these formulations significantly increase the cannabis effect on the target ailments. Hence, our heritage holds the key to harness the therapeutic power of medical cannabis in a pristine form through potent Ayurvedic formulations such as Mahalakshmi Narayana Taila, Punarnavadya Ghrita, Kanaka Taila, Vijaya Ghrita, Rudra Taila and Dhuma Yoga which are available from TURIYA. Mahalakshmi Narayana Taila has more than 230 herbs besides cannabis.  Such ancient time tested formulations can deliver more potency and efficacy than CBD Oil, THC oil, Hash Oil, Hemp Oil, Charlotte’s Web, Lazarus Oil, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), etc. Ayurvedic Medical CannabisCBD Oil IndiaTHC Oil India products are legal in India and available for sale through online consultation at website.

What is CBD Oil ?

THC and CBD (cannabidiol is the full form) are the active compounds (phyto cannabinoids) from the cannabis plant that are also known as APIs (active pharmaceutical compounds) in the pharma industry. These compounds can be naturally derived from cannabis indica and sativa plants or synthesised in a lab. THC Oil is psychoactive while CBD Oil is non-psychoactive. Both of these compounds are very potent and have significant therapeutic effects on the human body and mind. Scores of people in the west have begin extensive adoption of cannabis for cancer treatment. But any chemical compounds when used in isolation can cause side effects. Synthetic medicines (western medicines) typically have only handful chemical compounds in any given formulation. These few compounds cannot counter the side effects of the individual compounds. Whereas, a medicinal plant has hundreds of active compounds.“Entourage Effect” is a phenomenon where the plant as a whole has the complex intelligence to suppress the ill effects and amplify the positive effects of the individual compounds. A case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is the reason why whole plant medicines are safer than synthetics, semi-synthetics or even naturally derived APIs. Ayurveda has consciously assimilated such unfathomable concepts eons ago in our culture and forcing us now to realise than modern need not necessarily mean advanced. Indian Ayurvedic Cannabis known as “Vijaya” (conqueror in Sanskrit) should use full spectrum cannabis extracts which will contain all the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, THCV, CBDv, THCa, CBDa, CBGa, CBL, D8, etc.), terpenoids, flavonoids and other compounds in the natural form so that the “Entourage Effect” can effectively prevent any harmful side effects.

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