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Rudra Taila is an effective Ayurvedic cannabis product that help address one of the most omnipresent condition that we suffer from; stress. It is a wholesome product that can help improve quality of life for varied psychological conditions such as irritation, frustration, stress, tension, anxiety, fears, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, panic, paranoia, mania, ADHD, OCD, restless leg syndrome, etc.

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Stress is an omnipresent concern that plagues our daily lives in today’s day and age. Stress is our body’s response to excess pressure from physical, mental or emotional situations which will eventually take a toll on our health and well-being. Stress creates an imbalance in our sensitive internal chemistry (neurotransmitters) which in turn manifests as tension, worries, irritation, frustration, anxiety, anger, fear, insecurity, nervousness, etc… The impact varies from sleep issues, pain, inflammation, auto-immune disorders, cardiac issues, GI complications, respiratory difficulties to psychological and emotional imbalances. The causes of stress needs to be better understood with introspection so that we can change our lifestyles accordingly to bring about a stress-free existence. What we eat, hear, see, feel, inhale and think ultimately affects our wellbeing. For example, GMO foods (hybrid agro-foods and dairy products) can severely affect our internal chemical balance with long lasting impact. Similarly, negative media and toxic
relationships or work environments will also throw our hormones out of balance. Eventually, lifestyle changes are required to produce the endocannabinoids naturally and live a stress-free life sustainably.

The neuro-transmission plays a key role in the emotion, psychological, and physicological wellbeing. Nervous disorders could dramatically affect all 3 pillars of our systems. So it is only natural that excess stress could result in physical disorders. The fine internal chemical balance can be thrown into disarray with persistent emotional disturbances. Endocannabinoids work effectively to manage this fine balance called homeostasis. Deficiencies in endocannabinoids can be balanced interim with extracts from cannabis plants which contain phytocannabinoids. The endo-cannabinoid system helps modulating the serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline secretion and uptake. For example, high amounts of dopamine results in mania, anxiety, schizophrenia and low amounts of dopamine results in depression, Parkinson’s while if dopamine shuttles between high and low then its bipolar. Hence, it is imperative that the dopamine level is balanced.
Stimulants like coffee, tobacco, alcohol can dramatically increase dopamine thereby resulting in the craving and addiction. Suppressants or depressants can reduce dopamine. Rudra Taila is a wholistic product that combines several potent herbs besides Vijaya (cannabis in Sanskrit meaning victory over diseases) which delivers phytocannabinoids for a sustainable way of modulating dopamine.

DISCLAIMER: Above descriptions are only for information purpose and not to be used for
self- diagnosis.

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