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CBD Oil & Its Benefits ?

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the 85 active ingredient or cannabinoids in cannabis plant which is also known as Bhang in India, In India you find this compound in few species of the Sativaand Indica plants mostly these plants aren’t psychoactive in fact they are anti psychoactive , In India the awareness to use these plant extracts is slowly gaining traction as more and more chronic patients ultimately choose CBD oil; after the failure of chemotherapy during the prognosis of Cancer; they are switching to Cannabidiol CBD oil in India Most of them have observed the benefits to heath and inhibiting or stopping further growth of cancer ; many cases reversing and recovering has also been seen, not only in Cancer for Pain Management , but also for Chronic Epilepsy , Chronic In Digestion issues , Insomnia , Diabetes , Gangrene ,Fungus Infections , Brain Tumor Tuberculosis , HIV, Psychological issues such as Schizophrenia , Psychosis , Chronic Stress ; Thyroid issues, psoriasis and many more other types of auto immune disorders.

The Principals that the CBD works is very unique and mysterious in comparison to other medicines, one of the reason is our body itself produces this organic compound in our body ,The action of CBD is quite similar to another organic compound which is produced inside of the body called 2-arachidonoylglycerol and Anandamide these compound basically helps to establish the active connection among nerve cells between pre and post synaptic which helps with Immune Modulation via CB1 and CB2. not only that it also works on GPR55 (G protein coupled receptor 55) receptor which is responsible to create inflammation in order to protect the body from further damage but eventually it hurts the body more with those cytokine storms or allergic reactions , CBD works on these areas too as it is antagonist of GPR55 ( also Called asCB3) , apart from Inflammation (swellings internal or External ) CBD also works as anti convulsant mechanism , all these mechanism is nothing but creating an environment of Homeostasis throughout the body in where all systems and sub systems , organs and tissues and even at the cellular level, CBD creates an optimum level of functionality which was not been the case before consuming this medicine.

The number of Research worldwide has contributed to the comeback of this medicine after 100years prior to which cannabis/Hemp based medicines were mainstay treatment for minor diseases to chronic diseases for more than 2500 years, In India it is been 8 years since many activist have contributed to educate the people and guide them to treat different types chronic diseases ; In Ayurveda ( Branch of Vedas , Indian Medical System ) bhang extracts is called “Vijaya” It is king of all herbs in Ayurveda , If mixed with other Herbs it may increase the potency certain herbs ; CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the Miracle Compound of Bhang the other Compounds which are quite known are THCa, THCv, CBGa, CBG, CBC, CBCa, CBN, CBL, CBLa all these compounds when are together as produced by the plant an natural they actin side of your body with Synergistic effect of cannabinoids, or the “entourage effect which works together inside of the body and plays vital role in recovering a sick person .